Menstruation is just nasty — nothing more.

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I want to tell a little story about “women’s studies.”  Yeah I know I rant on women’s studies so that you’d probably think I was a patriarch.  But I am doing this from the point of view as a woman who has done pretty much everything a woman “does.” 

Once I was in a class called Sociology of Gender for graduate studies to get a Masters degree.  While in the class somehow the discussion started being about menstruation and how society pretty much discounts the fact that women menstrate.  Either because jobs don’t really include 5 days off a month to deal with this or because the military won’t put them in certain positions because of all the diaper waste (yeah, diapers, that’s what I call these rags we have to wear) or because of some other intolerance society has (or ignorance) of the fact that billions of women bleed out every month.

I didn’t really say anything about that.  But when someone started talking about how there was some sort of birth control that stopped you from menstrating, I was like hell, where do I sign up?!  When I said this, an overweight “goddess worshipper” type (I’m sure you’ve met these women, they are all about the “accept women as they are” mentality and “go into the forest and worship the goddess around a maypole”)… Anyway she started pretty much giving me the verbal attack.

WHY didn’t I want to change the law?  Change the economy?  Change all the businesses?  Change the fact that we wear tampons and pads and instead — we should all go back to the “Red Tent.”  What is the “Red Tent?”  Well, it is some book I’ve never read apparently about how back in the “olden days” of Persia or Egypt women would instead of having to get out of bed, change a tampon and go to work, they would all converge together in a tent out in the middle of nowhere and sit together and bleed while they all (bitch about it?)  Who knows.  I’m thinking REALLY?  You think I REALLY want to go out into the woods with a bunch of other sweaty, stinking, bleeding women and listen to them bitch and complain for DAYS ON END?  My God I thought Michigan was hell but I’m pretty sure that is a horrible pergatory below hell, like 10,000 miles farther down, NO THANK YOU.

And of course, when I said that, she thought I was an agent of the patriarchal, (white) male dominating society that only wants to subject women and make us all wear diapers and go to work.

I’m like you know what bitch — I WANT TO GO TO WORK.  I really don’t want to sit in my house (or a hut, or anything) and feel like crap for 5 days while blood gushes out of my crotch.  Why would ANYONE choose to do that?  If anyone would choose this as “fun” or “enjoyable,” good for you — but its not good for me.  I want a job, money and mental peace.  Not emotional rollercoasters from too many hormones pumping through this nasty human body because the only REAL function of it is to procreate.

So in 5 days my uterus will be GONE.  And good riddance.  So yesterday I went to the Dr. and then to the hospital to prepare for surgery and the nurse told me she’d had one.  She said to me “most women seem to get them eventually.”  I’m thinking to myself — if you don’t want children, then what the hell is the purpose of this thing?  There isn’t one.  Our bodies really exist only to procreate, our minds, the great intellect we might have, the love of art, music, philosophy — going on boat rides, whatever, is all a farce to the real function of humanity — to procreate.

And to do so until the planet either destroys us or we destroy it (since we seem to be at the top of the food chain until a virus transcends scientists’ ability to destroy it).  I fail to see any other thing going on.  I liken the human race to termites eating a house.  They will eat the house until the entire wood is gone.  Unless you spray for them — and get rid of them, the house will just be gone.  They are not intelligent enough to realize that once they eat the whole house there will be no more food, instead they will procreate en masse until its just GONE. 

If you think humans are doing anything other than that — you are just wrong.  We might think (us and Al Gore) that we can “stop” this or that from happening but tell that to a poor woman that has 6 kids.  She doesn’t care.  She cares about popping out another kid… maybe she doesn’t even “care” about that, she just DOES it.  And men will continue to try to fuck every woman that walks by that looks attractive to them whether they like it or not because that is exactly what we are biologically programmed to do.

Now, its possible we could evolve into somehow a higher life form, and some of us could survive on a destroyed planet — but it won’t be the bulk of billions of humans that exist now stopping this madness.  If America or Canada fails to populate itself, then they will just immigrate from somewhere else and do the job for it.  Either way, the entire world will be “taken over.”  The pristine areas you might see on Google Earth in northern Canada and Alaska will be the next frontier for the army of maggots called human beings.

Why do I despise menstration and my uterus this much?  Its because of that fact above that I realize.  I hate being a party to this yet fully aware of what we are doing.  It must be better for termites or maggots who take down a corpse or a house … because chances are they just aren’t aware of what they are doing, they just follow their life cycle and when they die (or become extinct) they don’t contemplate that horror.

We however not only get the curse of being a virus to destroy the planet we live on, but we get to be “aware” the whole time we are doing it.  Some of us anyway, certainly not those pumping out 10 kids from 5 different baby daddies (none of which actually do a damn thing to help raise the kid, usually).  Some of us I know — nip this in the bud before being a party to it and those are the people I really respect.  You know who you are!

But society is full fledged and deeply against stopping the procreation en mass.  For example, my doctor made me sign a paper saying that I was fully aware that after I have a hysterectomy I can’t procreate — but further it stated that I am signing a promise that I AM NOT GETTING IT FOR THE PURPOSE OF BIRTH CONTROL!  Why the fuck do they care what “purpose” I get a hysterectomy for?  They care enough to tell me I “can’t” get it for birth control?  What the hell business of “theirs” is it if I don’t wish to procreate?  It goes against the very grain of these virii that anyone would wish to use birth control in the first place (just listen to the Catholic Church) … but to actually have the thing ripped out of me?!  That must be a TERRIBLE sin.


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