Problem with our justice system

What I have become extremely aware of since graduating from college with a masters in sociology (something they really don’t touch on too much at university level) is how DEEPLY FLAWED our social system is.  Yes, they talk about how flawed it is all the time, and for a million and one reasons.  But there is a very obvious problem to me, and it comes from day to day interaction in the world.  My world of watching too much tv because there is nothing else to do around here… its too cold and there just simply is nothing to do.

So I watch TV, including the news and various “justice” shows like Cold Case Files.  What I see everywhere are extremely violent criminals… people who will get a gun and shoot someone else, or worse yet — a killer that stakes out an individual (usually a woman or child or both) to kill.  This could either be her ex husband or boyfriend who commits family homicide — or domestic homicide, or a serial killer type of guy that choose and kills girls and women.  Most of these crimes are committed by men — against anyone (men, women and children) but the most pathological freaks seem to attack women and children.  Various serial killers over the years have done this.  But either way (whether they murder males or females or children), there is an OVERABUNDANCE of violent criminals in America today.  Well we can all attribute that to our emphasis on violence … and this is where my “classes” did kick in.  Males are socialized to “be violent.”  You give your sons guns to play with, or other violent and aggressive type of toys that are in the “boy” isle at Walmart.  You watch them run around and play shoot each other… then when they are 18 you send them off to Iraq (or Vietnam or whatever war is going on) and stand idly by as they shoot “other” people, people you really don’t give a shit about.

At any rate, it is not hard to see the violence on TV and the violence in advertising to see why boys end up probably more “violent” than they normally would if they weren’t socialized this way.  This is seen as a macho way to be, masculine and “valued” in society.  And so, when they turn out violent (as long as they do it in prescribed ways such as going off to war, playing football or something else) everyone turns a blind eye.  Who cares, that is “normal” and “acceptable.”  But then we wonder why there is so much domestic violence and murder in this country.  Of course, if you give kids guns to play with (or fake guns, whatever) and let them watch Law and Order and listen to Eminem… they MAY JUST have the potential to become a serial killer or a wife beater or something else we determine to be “unacceptable ” in this society.  And THAT is the fundamental reason why I believe this occurs.

What occurs?  We let off rapists, murderers, child molesters and anyone else sexually twisted or murderous with far less consequences (in MANY MANY cases) than we do a drug dealer.  We can feel compassion for a guy who rapes and assaults an 8 year old girl who is almost dead at the crime scene because the guy might be rehabilitated, or maybe he was abused as a child… but a drug dealer?  HELL FUCK NO.  Why?  Because we’ve been socialized since birth (in the modern era) to believe drugs are bad.  Drugs are far worse than your son raping and killing 10 women…. because this guy did this for a reason… but the drug dealer?  We have no compassion at all for those living in poverty and needing to resort to another method to get money than the rest of us, because we just can’t fathom anyone being “poor” or having “no money.”  Of course, it must be due to having a poor “work ethic” and just not getting off their ass to get a minimum wage job 2 hours from where they live.  Why the hell can’t they take a bus to the other side of town to work at Taco Bell?  Jesus Christ, we can’t have these drug dealers out here when there are perfectly good jobs selling door to door insurance!   Shit, there ARE JOBS OUT THERE SO GO GET ONE YOU DRUG DEALING LOSER!

But a man who rapes and kills?  That’s certainly excusable.  So excusable that many murders or rapes or child molestings that occur these days are done BY SOMEONE THEY LET OUT OF JAIL!  I just heard one on Cold Case Files about a guy they let out of jail in CA after damn near killing and raping an 8 year old.  They let him out in 8 months…. I heard another recent one about a guy who was jailed for beating and raping a 13 year old.  He got out to rape and KILL 2 other teenage girls.  I saw the news the other day where a guy took out a gun and shot an innocent man at a hotel, who was here in Michigan for a job and just happened to stay at the hotel.  He left behind a wife and kids.  The guy was recently let out of jail where they said he would definitely kill again — and yet, he got out of jail anyway on some technicality.  A few years ago a 9 year old girl in Florida was raped and killed and buried in a forest behind her house.  This was done by a guy who got out of jail… months before the incident.

So basically — you can be a violent guy and rape or kill — or both — and we forgive you!  Because we have to turn the other cheek… and forgive everyone for everything, right!  Because Jesus said to.  I can say one thing tho… if anyone does this to my kid — he WILL get a death sentence no matter what “this” justice system says, ESPECIALLY if they let him out of jail.  Because I’m out here… and I shot guns (and deer) as a young child.  I consider these people enemies — social enemies, and since its OK to kill our enemies (whether they be Iraqi, Afghan, Vietnamese, Japanese, Cuban, Russian, Yugoslav…)… its OK to kill this guy.  And I just don’t give a flying fuck what these idiot judges in this country say… I think this whole justice system is deeply flawed and in  no way do I incorporate such a morality that lets a child rapist out of jail.  EVER.


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What is wrong with America?

I doubt we as a species will do shit to stop this thing. How can we do it? When it is simply WHAT we are? We can try to use less, make things more sustainable, and use less — or produce what we use…. we could try that, but it would mean the complete destruction of our economic system as well as our social structure as we know it. We simply have to consume and expand until the world kills us all.

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Menstruation is just nasty — nothing more.

Menstration is for bitches.

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Including Conflict in Business

Including ideas of conflict in your business model may help increase creativity and innovation.

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Why do teachers and professors think we WANT to work in “groups”?

Teachers and professors need a wakeup call — they are providing a service consumers (students) pay for and are not dictators of their own country.

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Women’s Studies Complaints

I have been thinking a lot about the (ongoing) complaints about life by feminists.  First, anyone who knows me would probably call me a feminazi or something because I really reject and resent patriarchal stereotypes or mores that all of us are supposed to swallow.  This is a very broad statement.  However, many of the “complaints” seem to be more like the inability of the individual to assert his or her own will in a situation rather than the result of a faulty social institution.

Recently, I enrolled in a class called “Business Organization” which is really just sociology (organizational theory) and psychology (individuals within the organization).

As a class we were supposed to read about a CEO of a corporation who was just plain nasty.  He was a bigtime budget cutter in order to gain a company more profit and basically your typical “cut throat businessman” type like Boss Hog on Dukes of Hazard.  Just a jerk …Well, this guy would scream at employees and even scream or yell so loudly that spit would fly on the employees (mostly upper management that he worked with, being the CEO).  The teacher asked us to determine what we would do and/or learn from this.  My statement was how to either quit as soon as possible or to file a lawsuit.  The teacher’s response to me (and this is my fundamental problem with “women’s studies,” “feminism,” and “victimization” theories) was that sure that might be ok but some of the employees might not be able or willing to quit or file a lawsuit because they needed the money, the insurance, the job security (whatever else.)  This reminded me of the excuses women give when in abusive relationships.  I have met many of them when I lived in a women’s shelter.  Certain women would tell HORROR stories about abuse they’d endured, and then go right back to the abuser.  Why?  Well I learned “why” in Neil Websdale’s domestic violence class:  because they “love” him (i.e. dedication to a company or a boss); “because they needed the financial security”  (or other sorts of family security) and because they had been socialized to do so.  There may be other reasons that I forgot — but it was basically about emotional attachment, money, and feelings of inferiority in general or the inability to leave the situation.

All of this may be well understood from a statistical/demographic standpoint, a sociological standpoint, and a psychological standpoint.  But why does this afford the person my pity?  Or anyone’s pity?  Where I have a problem is NOT that a person chooses to remain in an abusive situation (or do nothing about it, like call the police and have the guy arrested or file a lawsuit in the case of a business) — OH WELL.  It is that people are STILL expected to pity that person and even bend over backwards to help them out.  This is the main thing that “liberal” educational theories seem to tell us.  Even though the individual has chosen a horrible life (after taking into consideration all of the factors in their social structure that force them into a miserable life in the first place, which we may address as a society to change), and refuses to leave the situation — WE ALL STILL NEED TO FEEL SORRY FOR THEM.  So my teacher’s point in her response to me was something like, “Some people may silently support you but not be able to visibly support you,” or “Because people can’t or won’t ‘leave’ for whatever reason, you still need to accept their actions as socially valid.”

To me this implies that an enabler (someone who shuts the hell up and lets abuse or violations occur against them) is someone who is a “victim” we should cater to.  I simply disagree.  My belief is that we all have a free will…. many philosopher’s have discussed this to the minutia of detail.  However, most of them agree (along with religion) that we DO have a free will.  We can use it to do good or bad, or to stand up for ourselves or choose to cow to others (whether that is good or beneficial to us or not).  So why should someone who makes a free choice to cow to others when it reaps a negative reward on them be also considered a victim?

To me, a victim is someone who, outside of their will and their choice and mostly as a complete subject to an event gets victimized by the event.  Such as:  a woman is walking down the street and someone rapes her.  Such as, an employee is having a coffee in the break room and the manager comes in and slaps the coffee off the table and all over the room, and starts screaming at them to GET BACK TO WORK.   A victim is a woman who is in an abusive relationship and abuse occurs so she makes a choice (at some point) to press charges against the abuser, or leave the abuse.  A victim is NOT someone who out of their own choice and free will chooses to remain in a situation of abuse or victimization because “other factors” are more important to them.  This is merely a person who makes a choice …. the choice that money is more important than self-worth, or economic security is more important than physical or emotional security.  How is a person who makes a clear-cut choice in a situation “a victim”?  I mean, if someone robbed me at gun point on the street and took my wallet with $200 in it, I am clearly a victim.  But if I then invite that person over for a beer and they proceed to rob me of the rest of my property — is that a “victim” or an “enabler”?  At what point does the victim become the enabler?

And here is my next statement that will piss off the entire Women’s Studies faction (which I did far too well when I was in the women’s studies program, for not agreeing with their every post-modern, anti-science, pro-catering to every victim and enabler they called a victim on the planet):  When you cross the line from “victim” to “enabler” — you are pretty much just as bad as the “criminal.”  If you allow criminality to occur, you only perpetuate its existence in the world.  If you fail to stand up for your own rights, love, family, and self-worth — then you allow the person victimizing you to continue that behavior, and likely continue it against others.

I have a firm belief that women ARE half the world’s population and contribute to the world’s problems just as much as men do.  I have to think:  every male child that is raised in the world is usually raised and educated by a woman.  Of course they leave this out because it minimizes the whole view and theory that women are by and large victims of a male dominant society that only wants to oppress them.  But, you see just as many women ranting and raving sexist, anti-women rights as men do.  In fact, in my experience, women are MORE LIKELY to oppress other women than men are!  Just hang out with a group of old church ladies for a few months and you will see… they have a lot more to say about human behavior and repressing your free will than men usually do.

Just a thought.

I’m not saying the whole feminist movement is bosh — of course I value the right to vote, the right to work, the right to dress without huge restrictions, the right to own property, the right of custody of my children, etc. etc.  But these rights were fought for long and hard by women who did stand up against the oppressor, not by those women who played their social role exactly as it was scripted.  The women who won rights for women not only had to stand against the men who didn’t want them to compete or have equal rights, but against all the women who agreed with the men and believe me, they are a much harder force to deal with.  When you look at a man and wonder why he doesn’t women in the workplace, there may be actual reasons:  he doesn’t want the competition, he doesn’t want to deal with the sexuality issues, etc.  But when a woman stands up against women in the work place — they have no valid reason usually except their own personal opinion and jealousy (because they don’t want you working with their husbands).  And, someone should really teach the theory of female jealousy and how that derails the independence of all women, because I honestly believe that a whole degree program could be created just based on that concept.

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What is Respect?

Respect: ..Behaviour intended to please your parents …

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